AKA ‘The Pelvic Guru’ of Sher Pelvic Health and Healing Physical Therapy in Orlando, FL and also of Board Director of IPPS. Tracy is our MUTU Pro certification official Medical Advisory.

“Since 1999, I’ve worked with women dealing with diastasis recti. One of the responsibilities of my first job was to teach an abdominal/core class.  I realized that the majority of the women in the class had diastasis recti and didn’t even know it. They showed up specifically to “flatten the tummy” and complained of a “pooch that never went away”. They had been doing all of the wrong exercises for years after having their children. I wondered how many other women out there were dealing with the same thing, but didn’t have access to the right exercise and lifestyle information. Wendy Powell has come up with a way to reach many women all over the world! It’s wonderful to see that she has put together such a comprehensive MUTU System for women that’s accessible at all times. I endorse this program and am starting to implement it into my private practice for my women’s health physical therapy patients and fitness clients.”


Licensed Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist), certified clinical nutritionist and certified health coach, Founder and CEO of the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute in Houston, TXJessica Drummond | Guest Post for MUTU System

“Wendy Powell’s MUTU System is an expertly designed program that helps women to safely recover their fitness after having a baby.  This program is the key to recovering your post-baby body healthfully and with the support of trained professionals without spending a lot of money or having to go to the gym.  This program makes it simple!”


Author of Heal Pelvic Pain, Creator of Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain DVD, owner of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in NYC, Executive Board of International Pelvic Pain Society, Co-founder of Alliance for Pelvic Pain, and International speaker.Amy Stein | Guest Post for MUTU System

“MUTU system is an amazing, step-by-step, detailed program for prenatal and post-partum care. Every mom to be, new and experienced mom should follow this routine to gain a better understanding of the body and a strong and stable core.”


Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Six Physio in LondonCamilla Lawrence | Guest Post for MUTU System

“At last – a safe, fun, achievable and  most importantly effective exercise program for Mums that really covers all the bases. Wendy’s passion and expertise shine through the whole program, she really knows her stuff, is refreshingly honest and a great motivator. Women’s Health Physiotherapists routinely assess  treat Rectus Divarification  + Pelvic Floor dysfunction, but there are few really good  + safe training systems out there that not only help both these issues long-term but also cover nutrition, posture retraining, general strength and fitness work too – MUTU really is a complete holistic package. My patients frequently go on to use it after they have finished treatment with me, and  love how it takes them to the next level and how it is completely possible to do – even with a baby (or 4!) at home and minimal time on their hands. I can’t recommend it more.”


Physiotherapist + Stott Pilates Instructor at Lori Forner Physiotherapy, Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaLori Forner | Guest Post for MUTU System

“I think the MUTU Program is great. I LOVED your explanation at the start. So simple and so functional! The breathing info and audios are also excellent and what I am trying to teach all my clients everyday!! Again, really well explained and I am so glad you addressed it. I really love how you incorporate hip/pelvic stability early on, as no matter how many pelvic floor exercises a mum may need to do, these are movements/postures mums need everyday. I also love your Posture Tips and how you stress and educate about no more sit-ups or planks…thank you! I think it’s a really great programme, especially for women who are more comfortable exercising in their homes or don’t feel like they can get out with babies and small children. The programme is very good value, and for patients attending physio, it would be a great compliment to their treatment. I think it’s an excellent program and I will tell my clients about it! Thanks for allowing me to review this. You can see your passion for this field and how on-the-ball you are with your information, especially in relation to relating it to function and daily life!”


Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Crystal Palace Physio Group in South East Londonsarah_crosby

“As a Women’s Health Physiotherapist it’s great to have such a positive programme to refer mums to. The principles of the programme encompass all health aspects of the post-natal period. The exercises are simple to follow and easy to perform at home requiring minimal equipment.

The phased exercise programme allows the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to strengthen after the physical strains of pregnancy and childbirth in a sensible manner, promoting closure of a rectus abdominus diastasis and improved core strength to help resolve and prevent lower back and pelvic girdle pain. Wendy has a wealth of knowledge on the changes to your body after pregnancy and childbirth and her approach is not only evidence based but very motivational.

Often mums don’t know where to start on getting back to exercise after having a baby and MUTU System is a great place to start. I don’t hesitate to recommend this programme to my patients.”


Author and President, Fit to Deliver Inc, Vancouver, Canada

“Wendy is one of the most passionate advocates for postnatal fitness that I know of. She maintains very high standards for both herself and her employees, I highly recommend her organization”


Women’s Health Physiotherapists at London Bridge HospitalEmma Brockwell | Guest Post for MUTU System  upload_9_22_2015_at_1_19_30_PM

“We work with postnatal women on a daily basis, most of whom are keen to return to exercise but have problems with their pelvic floor, back pain or rectus abdominus diastasis. MUTU System is a truly fabulous programme. It demonstrates safe exercises based on strengthening the core for postnatal mums with lots of evidence based information. The exercises are easy to follow, effective and progressive. Wendy’s dedication and service to the ‘MUTU Mamas’ is constantly reflected in her frequent Q and A sessions which are accessible to each and every member and are no doubt invaluable. As women’s health physiotherapists it is great to finally have a programme that we confidently and frequently recommend to our clients.”


Founder and CEO of The Pelvic Expert, Physiotherapist, Women’s Heath Coach, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Integrative Yoga Therapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Australia & Online

“I am a huge fan and advocate of MUTU System for all mummies, regardless of when they gave birth. Wendy Powell has provided an accessible and much needed service in the fitness sector for postpartum women.

The MUTU System covers fundamentals such as posture, breathing, core stability and functional movement with a holistic twist incorporating nutrition and lifestyle advice. The best part is MUTU System is so affordable for women and a great adjunct to physiotherapy.

I highly recommend every mummy invest in MUTU System to learn more about their bodies and how to keep their bodies strong and healthy after birth.”


Clinical Lead Women’s Health Physiotherapist at White Hart Clinic in London

“It’s so refreshing to finally have a fitness programme that as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist I would be happy to recommend to my patients. MUTU System provides a wealth of sound, evidence-based information. It is clear that Wendy really understands the impact of pregnancy and birth on women’s bodies as well as the importance of structured exercise programmes, at the right level, with an emphasis on the core. This is so refreshing and very much needed. So often, new mums have symptoms, feelings and sensations for which they are not prepared. As a women’s health physiotherapist I regularly see mums with back pain, pelvic floor issues (such as leaking and prolapse), as well as rectus abdominus diastasis. Understandably, mums are really keen to get back into shape after having a baby but often go down the wrong path because so little exists to support them on their safe journey back to fitness. As a result women can end up doing themselves more harm than good. Wendy’s blogs are easy to understand and are written in a way that mums can really relate to. Her holistic approach which takes into account posture, alignment, the core and nutrition is exceptional. Her programmes are realistic, achievable, safe and effective. Wendy really knows her stuff and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any new mums to get involved with MUTU System and often recommend it to many of my patients.”


Founder, Liberated Body, Rolfing practitioner, Corrective Exercise Specialist in New Haven, CTBrooke Thomas | Guest Post for MUTU System

“Finally an approach to life postpartum that is thoughtful, holistic, and not filled with misinformation and subtle shaming. MUTU System’s approach really gets how to come back to center after baby, and to address the issues that commonly arise in that time for women, from a sound alignment and movement based place.”


Gusset Grippers, Chartered Physiotherapist and Comedian from Edinburgh, Scotland

“Wendy’s system is based on sound principles and is a great start for women keen to restore their abdominal function with a view to getting back to being active. It’s safe and certainly something I’d recommend for women with diastasis.”


Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Sue Lewis Antenatal, London

“I am amazed at the number of post-natal mothers referred to me with divaricated Recti [diastasis recti] and pendulous abdomen who have been exercising “hard” with personal trainers or in the gym. After correcting their technique I suggest they continue their rehabilitation at home with the MUTU System programme which is excellent for re-training their core and posture using researched based exercises. I also thoroughly recommend the MUTU System programme to my early post-natal mothers after they have finished my beginners post-natal course so they can continue safely at home with appropriate exercise and nutritional advice.”


Yoga therapist and yoga teacher-trainer for pregnancy and postnatal yoga at Womb Yoga + international teacher and published author, “Mother’s Breath

“I have been working with yoga for postnatal recovery for seventeen years and  I am impressed with the holistic scope and thoroughness of the MUTU system. It makes clever use of  the yoga practices which I most strongly recommend for postnatal women. Wendy’s work gives women the answers they need and offers a really effective way to boost vitality and build strength effectively and safely at this challenging time in life.”

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