Many of you know from my previous posts on walking, what ‘barefoot’ means + barefoot shoes for kids… that I think its a good idea not to wear high heels or big thick-soled running shoes, and that our kids don’t need stompy shoes either.

You got that already? If not go click on those links and have a read. I’ll be right here.

OK so now we have established that…

1. Its good to walk every day

2. Its best to walk in as minimal shoe as possible

3. Barefoot = Good

The whole barefoot thing has taken off in a big way. Actually I think it was always fairly big, its just that somewhere in the middle of our so called evolution, we decided our feet weren’t good enough, and now we’re just going back to where we’re supposed to be. But don’t think that ‘barefoot shoes’ and all the alignment and gait advice that goes along with it, is just about running.

WALKING is where we should start – get that right before you even think about ditching your trainers and heading out for a 10K.

All alignment experts would agree (Aligned and Well is a great source of information) that you get the walking part figured out before you run. And you don’t have to do the running bit at all if you’re not thus inclined… Its the barefoot walking that will really benefit you and your children.

So check out the links, learn a little about why you and your kids should be feeling the ground beneath your feet and get walking!