So you want some barefoot shoe inspo?

This summer it’s time to let your toes wriggle and your feet do their thing and if you’re ready to take the barefoot leap or you’re already a convert, here are our favorites this season. 

We talk a lot about the importance of walking in minimal shoes, of standing, moving and squatting in correct alignment in order to address core and pelvic floor muscle weakness. But what’s the connection? What’s alignment got to do with a diastasis?

Intra-abdominal pressure is natural, functional and desirable, BUT when the mechanics of your whole body are not aligned optimally, that pressure is not being contained in the way it should be. There are ‘kinks’ in the system, and just like kinks in your garden hose, they cause pressure to build up. This compromises smooth flow within the pipe, or the ability of your body to bear weight or carry the load.

Un-contained pressure causes instability and weakness of the core and a ‘pooch’ stomach AKA ‘mummy tummy’. So this is why alignment and pressure are directly related to not only Diastasis, but also pelvic floor disorder.

So, as much as we love them, flip-flops don’t do our feet any favors, and heels are also a no-go if you want to stay properly aligned in good posture. Remember, alignment is key to your recovery with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues. 

We’ve put together our favorite barefoot shoe styles for Summer 2020. With more and more barefoot shoe brands popping up, there’s a lot more choice and some really cute styles available. Here are some of our favorites.

Top summer barefoot shoe recommendations

1. Z-Trail – The Ultimate Trail-Friendly Sandal 

Xero Shoes get around the can’t wear flip-flops’ issue. Because of the strap over the top and around the back of the foot, it means you aren’t clinging on with your toes. These guys are the experts in barefoot sandals, they’ve been doing it for years and really know their stuff. This sandal is great for going anywhere and doing anything. You can even wear these offroading and they can get wet too.

2. Be Lenka Icon Vegan Bhoomi

We recently discovered Be Lenka shoes and these will be a hit with our vegan mamas. They are beautifully handmade in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We love the simplicity of the designs and the selection of everyday styles that can be worn to work, at home or out on your daily walk. Love this cute pair of lightweight boots.

3. Barefoot Sandals Lenka Summer – Turquoise

Barefoot shoes have been known in the past to be a little drab and boring. No anymore. Behold the BeLenka sandals. They come in a range of bright colors and fun styles. If you like bold colors and standout shoes, check them out.

4. Geo Court Vivobarefoot

These are super comfy and on-trend right now. Perfectly paired with a summer dress or jeans. They also come in white and grey. Take a summer stroll in these and that ‘cool mom’ vibe will be nailed!

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5. Kasana Vivobarefoot

This is a super lightweight vegan sneaker. Don’t you just love Vivobarefoot’s minimalist style? Barefoot doesn’t have to mean your shoe closet looks any less stylish. Get 10% off VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with our special discount MUTUSYSTEMS10

6. Mesa Trail – Women’s Lightweight Trail Runner

Running mamas, this shoe might be the perfect addition this season. In recent years Xero has started creating more and more closed-toe shoes and they are brilliant. Wear on and off the trail, jeans or running gear, this shoe is such a great all-rounder.

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