MUTU Food noun

Any nutritious and healthy substance that moms and their family eat or drink in order to maintain life, health, growth and healing.

The world of health and wellness is confusing enough without throwing into the mix overly complicated diets with strict guidelines, rules or points to keep an eye on! I mean, who the heck has time to sync their eating habits with the lunar phases (Go Google the ‘Werewolf Diet’) I’m serious!

I created MUTU Food to compliment the workouts within the MUTU System programs, to help Moms to flatten their tummy. So, with moms in mind, it was always going to be SIMPLE. Trust me, I know the last thing you need to be doing when you get to dinner time, is counting calories or weighing out portions. We’ve got babies to feed, kids to entertain, jobs to wind down from and a house to run. The scales stay in the cupboard!

When new Moms come on board, they tend to ask lots of questions about my so called ‘diet’. Firstly, it’s not a diet. It’s a sustainable way of eating for you and your whole family. It’s REALISTIC and HASSLE FREE. I wanted to address a few questions that pop up regularly about nutrition and MUTU System.


How big are the portions?

There’s no set restriction on portion sizes. If you’re eating good, wholesome and healthy food, including green vegetables, good fats, protein in the form of organic meat and fish… Then just focus on being mindful and stopping when you’re satisfied. Do you struggle to know when to stop? Enter the awesome Thinking Slimmer. It helps you tune into what you naturally need without hang ups and it’s clinically proven to work.

How often do I eat?

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner like you’ve always done and if you’re hungry in between meals, have a little snack. MUTU Food isn’t about fasting or going hungry. If you’re lacking energy and feel like you need a boost, grab a guilt free snack.

What If I don’t have the budget to buy a huge variety of Vegetables?

I don’t care if you’re eating the same veg all week. As long as it’s featuring on your plate, you’re on the right track.

Tip: If you buy some green veggies and don’t want to bore yourself to death by eating it every single day just to use it up. Part boil it, let it cool and freeze it to use another day.

The diet I did before says NO to fat. Do I have to eat it?

Yes. Good ‘essential’ fats are just that… Essential to your diet. Despite what you’ve been told in the past, these foods are healthy, and full of nutrients. Processed fats however…They are a big NO NO!

Is there a meal plan?

There’s no strict meal plan because, from experience, I know that’s completely unrealistic when you’re a busy mom with a family to organise and feed. This is about me giving you the guidance and education on nutrition so that you can weave this into your existing lifestyle as slowly and gradually as you see fit.

I’m not going to tell you when to eat, how to eat it or how much to eat. I’m not going to restrict you to a points or calories system. You should be able to enjoy the food you’re eating whilst knowing that it’s full of great nutritional value.  I want you to be mindful about what you eat and that means caring about what’s in your food, where it comes from and how much nutritional value it offers you and your family.

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