Are you a mama who loves to run? Many of our MUTU mamas love to run but have found running postpartum can feel different or more difficult, often as a result of diastasis recti or general core weakness.

Let me introduce you to Jen Saint Jean A.K.A the raddest professional runner, No.1 in the USA for Women’s 40 1500m and top ten in the world for 1500m in her category. She’s awesome, empowering and inspiring and we’re so honored to be part of her healing journey as she juggles competing, motherhood, diastasis recti recovery and figuring out a new way to approach postpartum running with new ways of training and racing.

She’s a mom of two girls and started her MUTU journey in April 2016. Check out Jen’s amazing progress photos.

Grab a cup of tea and listen to Jen’s story. She talks about her career as a runner, Diastasis Recti and a change in perspective on how she trains and how she races.  


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