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Just start… and if it works, keep doing it!

Are your efforts to lose weight after childbirth getting you nowhere… slowly? Here’s the top 5 mindsets why you may not be losing your baby weight, and what you can do to change it!

1. “The XYZ diet worked for me before, so I’m going to do that again”

Any diet you have to ‘go on’, you will at some point have to ‘get off’. And you’re soon back where you started. #Just sayin.

Unfortunately, the reason so many of us go on and come off and go on again diets, is because those diets are unsustainable, unhealthy, boring, complicated or leave you hungry. (Which I suppose means, um, unsustainable ;))

2. “It doesn’t make any difference what I eat or how much I exercise, I can’t lose the baby weight”

Feel like it’s out of your control? A physiological condition, an emotional issue or a logistical obstacle – whatever it is, it makes you somehow the exception to the rule. I’m not denying for a minute the reality or existence of very real problems, but we can choose to work with our lifestyle, family and work commitments, food intolerance’s, even depression, injury or disorder and try to improve health and fitness within those constraints. OR we can just throw our arms in the air, with a ” See? TOLD you it wouldn’t work for me”.

Eat real food. no more than you need. It’s a great principle and it works. There are very few exceptions to that rule! I know simple doesn’t mean its easy. Far from it sometimes. But it is simple. (And if your kids are at school, that’s not “baby weight”… it’s latte or take-out-food weight…)

3. “This XYZ diet / postnatal exercise plan I’m doing doesn’t work”

The key to any postnatal exercise or weight loss plan working is consistency. You’re not going to lose your baby weight by sticking religiously to a plan for 2 weeks and then when the novelty wears off, lapsing  a little… then when it’s raining foregoing the exercise… then feeling down because the weight’s not coming off… then trying it again for a few days then giving up because clearly, that plan ‘didn’t work’ right? The key is consistency. Boring but true. Reading the book won’t cut it. You have to DO IT. Regularly, consistently and over time. Chances are that then, it’ll work ;)

4. “I’ve tried them all and nothing works!”

Is your bookshelf groaning with diet solutions? Do you leap with optimistic gusto into a new diet concept or exercise craze every few months, always disappointed and disillusioned with the last, but convinced this is *the one*?

Here’s a depressing fact (well not for the publishers..) I searched ‘diet books’ on Amazon and 51,855 result came up. ‘Exercise DVD’s? 5,946. Well maybe you could burn off some fat building your extra bookshelves…

The key again is consistency – many of them will ‘work’ in the sense that if you do them, you’ll drop weight. But none of them are going to work if you don’t actually DO them, and if they’re not something you can do for the long term, then they’re only ever going to be a temporary, frustrating solution.

5. “I’m using meal replacements, shakes, energy drinks or diet foods to lose weight”

That’s not real food. It’s expensive and again, it’s temporary. Protein shakes and energy drinks may be helpful for bodybuilders or endurance athletes… but for the rest of us pure water is the best hydration before and during exercise. And real, fresh unprocessed food is the best nutrition. Eat an apple and a handful of brazil nuts after a workout and leave liquid food to the astronauts and bodybuilders.

The ironic fact is that many of the diets or programmes you’ve tried probably do ‘work’…

Because reducing the amount of calories you consume and increasing the amount of calories you expend by exercising DOES work.

Eat Real Food. No More Than You Need.

Add to this very basic principle:Eat the Right Fats, Reduce Stress and Dramatically reduce your Sugar Intake …+ you WILL find fat loss easier.

And Eat To Balance Your Hormones, and you WILL reduce belly fat storage.

But rather than flit from one to another, making excuses, buying into crazy claims or magic ingredients or quick fixes, the only way postnatal weight loss is really going to last, is to IDENTIFY and then CHANGE your habits when it come to eating and moving. For good.

Does that mean it’s easy to lose your baby weight, or that you’re crazy for buying into any of the fads and celeb diets we’re fed? No. For a million reasons we all feel pressurised and confused by mixed messages, ever-changing advice and a perfectly human desire to find *the one that works* (preferably right now!)

MUTU Food works by giving you the tools, information and guidance you need, but it also works to gradually change or challenge your habits and your sense of self responsibility, as well as your body.

We don’t do cabbage soup or eating with baby spoons or some other ‘groundbreaking’ magic ingredient or tactic. And I promise it won’t waste your time, as multi-tasking only the most efficient effective exercises for a mothers’ body is what its all about.

If you do it, it works. MUTU System requires a fair amount of self responsibility and self motivation. You will have to actually work out ;) You’re supported throughout the process by me personally and by a growing online community.

Try to just make a start! Know and identify the barriers that are stopping YOU from losing weight. Take responsibility for the well-being of your own body – no one else can do that… and try to love it a little.

Drink more water, reduce the sugar you eat, practice a little portion control and start moving every day, enough to get you out of breath for at least 15 minutes.

Then of course if you’d like to take it up a notch… join the MUTU Mamas!