Is MUTU Food A Diet? What are the rules? Will it help you lose weight? What foods should you eat and what should you avoid if you want lose weight and get healthy?

Clients often ask me ‘Well what do YOU eat?’, and “What does MUTU Food mean?”:  It means clean, fresh, real food for the whole family. Low in sugar and refined carbs, high in fresh vegetables, fruit, lots of protein, fish, buckets of essential fats, and some whole grains (varied – so not just wheat).

It’s not weird or faddy, or complicated. Its just food. The real stuff.

I drink water, green tea, more water, herbal teas and have one cup of proper, strong coffee every day (that’s not a recommendation… I’m just telling you what I have ;))

MUTU Food | The MUTU System for your mummy tummy

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I cook in coconut oil, as well as dollop it in the occasional smoothie. I’m generous with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (but never cook in it – it ruins it). I like real butter, but it has to be organic and salty (yes you read that right, sorry). I eat cheese occasionally but it gives me weird dreams so I always avoid it in the evening.

I eat organic wherever possible, but especially fruit and vegetables, dairy or meat.

For breakfast (usually after a walk or run with the dog) I’ll have porridge with ground flax seeds and raw honey, or eggs, or  peanut butter on wholegrain toast or home made muesli with fresh fruit and natural yogurt. My hubsand’s American, so pancakes, bacon and eggs sometimes sneak in at the weekend and my personal favourite weekend breakfast is eggs Mexican style with homemade tomato salsa, coriander and chilli – the kids love this too, we just go easy on the chills on theirs!

I don’t eat: any processed foods like ready meals, commercially baked foods or pastries, fizzy drinks or take-aways, anything packaged as ‘low fat’ or ‘diet food’ or anything that has ingredients I can’t pronounce.

My kids eat the same as I do, except the little list below of course:

Guilty pleasures: Salt and black pepper flavour kettle chips, a glass of sulphite free, good red wine, dark chocolate and steak. Not necessarily altogether. Although there’s a thought…

I would always choose: Organic butter over low fat spread; diluted juice or water over a Diet Coke; dark organic 70% cocoa chocolate over the sweet dairy stuff; spicy, light and fresh over bland or stodgy; real food over substitutes or ‘low fat’ alternatives; almond milk over cows’ or soya, natural organic yoghurt with muesli, berries and honey over a bowl of Special K; steak over soya.

I love good food, and I eat plenty of it, but I stop when I’m full. I hate processed, fake food because it tastes like crap, makes my body feel rubbish and genuinley gives me no pleasure.

Oh and I move. A lot. Which is kind of fundamental to the whole ‘weight’ balance thing…. So there you have it. What Wendy eats and what she doesn’t. Does my MUTU Food look like yours? What’s different and what do you eat to stay lean and healthy?