Working from home seemed like the dream, right? Until it became reality, and you have a 2-year-old running around screaming. We’re lucky at MUTU to run a remote team, and we’ve developed  a few tricks to try to combine work, kids, exercise and hopefully some sanity. Routines get disrupted, and right now, they’re VERY disrupted. It’s a little scary and none of us knows what’s happening next. All we can do is try to stay flexible and calm. It won’t always work, but we can try!

So, since right now you might be at home, with kids, a little more than anticipated, for goodness-knows-how long… here’s Team MUTU’s top tips on working out at home

The best bits about working out at home

✔️Avoiding packed gym classes 

✔️No time wasted on car journeys 

✔️ Complete privacy… excluding your kids ;-)

✔️The comfort of being able to stay at home

✔️Wear what you want, even work out in your PJs if you please!

✔️You don’t have the additional challenge or cost of childcare while you work out either. 

If you’re at home right now. Focus on taking care of yourself and your family. It shouldn’t mean that your usual healthy habits need to be sacrificed. 

Working out at home – a guilt-free guide. 

Zero guilt about screen-time

It’s a weird time right now. Ditch the rule book and let them at the screens. Just break it up with some movement, and other activities when you can. Simple. If you need time to yourself, put a movie on! 

Make it a family workout

Get the kids involved in your home workout if they want to. Make it a family fun activity, put on some loud music. It’ll pass the time and if they get bored, they’ll soon go off to find something else to do. 

Entertain them but don’t stress

While you’re at home, you do NOT need to plan out 2 weeks of arts, crafts, baking, and educational activities. (Does anyone actually do that?) Whatever it takes to give you 10-20 minutes to work out (yep! That’s the length of a MUTU System workout), Let them have the iPad, or watch their favorite show on a loop. No guilt, please. 

Find a home workout you can do on any device

With the kids off school or you or your partner working from home, TVs, DVD players, iPads and computers will all be in high demand. Make sure your workout can be accessed from multiple devices, just so you aren’t battling for the TV anytime you want to exercise. 

Dedicate a space for workouts

Roll out your mat, have your kit ready to use, dedicate a specific space in your home to your workouts. It might not feel like your regular gym class, but if it’s set up and ready to go, you’ll be more inclined to jump in and do that workout. 

Using time more efficiently

Working out at home means you can use time wayyyyy more efficiently now. Instead of having to jump in the car and drive to a gym, or squeeze in a run in your lunch break, you can break up your workouts and fit them in and around home life.

MUTU System is the medically-recommended online fitness and recovery program for mothers. Your workouts can be done from the privacy and comfort of home, on any smart TV, tablet, mobile or computer. No gym classes, no need for childcare, just simple, short and effective home workouts. 

Look after yourselves and each other, Loves. We’re in this together.