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Summer Barefoot Shoes

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[Note this was written for Summer 2017 but many of the brand recommendations are still our favourites!].

Time to unleash those toes after a long winter of hibernation in warm fluffy socks! If you’re working on your alignment and trying barefoot shoes, what are the best summer barefoot shoes?

Flip-flops are not the best and neither are wedges. It’s because flip flops make you grip with your toes. Which (bizarre I know) is not great for your posture or your pelvic floor. High heels force your body bio-mechanics out of whack, and that affects your core, a diastasis and your pelvic floor too. It doesn’t mean you should never wear these shoes, just make sure you give you feet a break n some of the suggestions below!

We’ve put together our favourite barefoot shoe styles for [Summer 2017], to inspire you. If you aren’t ready to take the leap into a full barefoot shoe, check out our transitional shoe board over on Pinterest for shoespiration with minimal and wider toe boxes.

Our favourite Summer barefoot shoes [2017]

Eclipse Sandal – Vivobarefoot

The Eclipse sandal gets round the ‘can’t wear flip-flops’ issue. Because of the strap over the top and around the back of the foot, it means you aren’t clinging on to keep the shoe on your foot. They are water resistant too, so perfect for by the pool or at the beach. Get 10% off VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with our special discount MUTUSYSTEMS10

Mata Canvas Shoe – Vivobarefoot

These will be a hit with our vegan mamas, as it’s a super cool shoe made from eco canvas and 50% recycled bottles! Not open toe, but perfect for a summer stroll and a welcome addition to that ‘cool mum’ vibe you’ve been going for. Get 10% off VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with our special discount MUTUSYSTEMS10

Ultra 3 – Vivobarefoot

If you’re a bit adventurous, you need a pair of Ultra 3s! Water-resistant and ready for any activities, land or sea-based. The shoe nerds at Vivobarefoot have been working on these for a year, so they shouldn’t disappoint the more active mama. Plus, they come in adorable kid sizes too, so the whole family can have a pair! Get 10% off VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with our special discount MUTUSYSTEMS10

DIY Xero Shoe Kits

Forget the Pinterest project you’ve been meaning to do. Check out Xero’s DIY shoe kits. You can’t get much more minimal than this. They send you a sole and the laces of your choice and away you go! You can make your own barefoot sandals in just minutes.

Xero Impari Lena

After realizing we can’t all traipse around in sandals 365 days of the year, Xero have come up with their first closed toe shoe, and it’s kinda cute! Still with the same barefoot goodness, just a little more practical for those times where sandals aren’t really suitable.

Get 10% off VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with our special discount MUTUSYSTEMS10

Looking for more barefoot inspiration? Check out our barefoot Pinterest board for all our favorites!

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