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Why Doesn’t MUTU Recommend a Binder for Diastasis Recti?

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Binder for diastasis recti

Healing a diastasis without a splint or binder

We are often asked whether we recommend using a splint or a binder for diastasis recti. Gentle binding can be beneficial for comfort and stability in the early days or weeks following childbirth. But it will not ‘fix’ a diastasis, and wrapping the abdomen is not a feature of the MUTU System program.

To restore stability, strength and aesthetics, correct engagement and function of the entire core and pelvic floor are our focus.

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MUTU System is not designed to deal only with diastasis recti

MUTU System is a holistic program, aiming to achieve correct alignment and functioning of the entire core. In fact, the entire body. Not just one muscle, or just ‘the gap’.

Diane Lee and Paul Hodges presented research to the Associated Charter of Physiotherapists in Women’s Health Conference in September 2013. They concluded that a whole-body approach, rather than using a splint or binding, is the more anatomically correct approach.

MUTU System is based on dynamic movement and optimal functioning of your core and pelvic floor in correct alignment. This approach will help you achieve the stability, comfort and freedom from pain you want.

Correcting diastasis recti is not the sole focus of MUTU System program, but it is one of the results you can expect!

To suggest that simply ‘closing the gap’ is the goal, would be doing moms a disservice.

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Some important MUTU principles for healing DR

  • Diastasis recti is not the problem, it is a symptom. Diastasis recti is the result of excessive and un-contained intra-abdominal pressure.  Alignment adjustments are key to addressing this.
  • The tension and stability of the fascia – the collagen connective tissue between the 2 sides of the rectus muscle – are key. It’s not just about the existence or width of the gap
  • Movement, emotional connection, nutrition, essential fats, stress, fatigue, hydration, digestive issues all contribute to your body’s ability to heal.
  • No exercise routine can treat or fix every situation. In some situations, where connective tissue is very stretched and weakened, surgery for diastasis may be recommended for function and stability to be fully restored. We suggest a biomechanical and ultrasound examination and advice from a specialist pelvic health PT.  Where surgery is deemed necessary, MUTU System will put your body in the best place for surgery to be effective, as well as for recovery afterwards.

MUTU System has a holistic philosophy. It deals with posture, functional exercise, optimal nutrition for hormone balance and energy, techniques to help re-settle the pelvic organs, tone and heal, and promote optimal respiration. At the foundation of it all is a complete 4-Phase program to train (find) and then strengthen the muscles of your core.

Narrowing diastasis recti is one of many beneficial effects.

The MUTU System Program

The program teaches, guides and demonstrates how to re-train your core to do its job. At first, this is a focussed, daily series of exercises and alignment adjustments which take less than 20 minutes to complete. You move at your pace through 4  phases of exercises and techniques, re-assessing at each stage when you are ready to move onto the next. You also learn breathing techniques which make these exercises more effective and enable you to connect fully to the muscles again.

In our Program, which includes fitness and fat loss (if desired) as well as core restoration, you gradually build up a workout routine.  You are not only learning how to exercise incredibly effectively, but also working your core safely and correctly with every move.

Essentially you are learning how to make every exercise, a core exercise #Winning

The key defining points of MUTU System

  • MUTU System deals with your whole body. Whole body alignment posture and function, improving pelvic floor control, and training your core. Nutrition and how to shop and cook family-friendly food that keeps you healthy is included.
  • You do not have to do multiple repetitions of any exercise. MUTU focuses on physiological and emotional re-connection, the quality of the muscle action, not the quantity.
  • MUTU System does not suggest a binder or splint for diastasis recti. In cases, or immediately following abdominal surgery, some form of temporary binding may be advised for comfort and to help focus. But the splint doesn’t do the work, your muscles have to.
  • There are 4 Phases of exercises which you progress through as you train your core to work correctly.

This article is not an analysis or critique of any other particular ‘method’, technique or product, nor does it question or assume to comment on the expertise or reputation of any other program or professional. It is simply an explanation of this one.

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