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Success Stories

Working Out During Pregnancy With MUTU System

Hey, My name is Nicole and I’m a mama to two kiddos! I want to talk to you about  working out during pregnancy and my experience using the postpartum exercise program, MUTU System. Working [...]

Tatiana’s Diastasis Recti Recovery

Hey, I am Tatiana, the owner of Tatiana Mone Fitness. Above all else, the mother of a spirited preschooler. I am also a certified health coach and personal trainer. I hold an MBA and [...]

Markea’s MUTU Journey

Postpartum pain, diastasis recti, a still pregnant-looking belly, incontinence. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for moms to just put up with these symptoms after they’ve had a baby. I’m not just talking 8 weeks postpartum, [...]