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Postnatal Fitness and Diastasis Recti | Louise’s Story

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Hey I am Louise. I am 32 years old and a mom of 1. I was a boot camp instructor and fitness enthusiast before becoming pregnant. I want to share with you my postnatal fitness story and how MUTU System helped me.

I just didn’t understand or anticipate how diastasis recti and core weakening through pregnancy would impact me.

 I naively thought I wouldn’t have to deal with it since I was fit before pregnancy.

I started MUTU after self-diagnosing diastasis recti and then getting it confirmed by my OB, and seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist

She recommended the MUTU System program. I had to learn and teach myself how to properly use my core again. 

I was about 12 months PP when I came to MUTU.

 It was all very humbling to start back at the beginning, but patience and hard work helped me grow a lot in my healing.

 Too many mamas don’t even know about diastasis recti. I didn’t understand what it was or that I had it. My OB never checked for it or told me to look for it!

I still looked pregnant even though I was trying to eat right and exercise. 

My stomach would cone when I tried to do crunches (I didn’t know I shouldn’t) and then I researched my issues afterwards.

I felt bleh. honestly just so bleh. Not at all my confident happy self. 

I wanted to be healthy and fit again. This was a great step toward that. 

I want to have a healthy lifestyle for my daughter to grow up around.

I was diligent about doing my postnatal fitness workouts when my baby girl napped. Staying patient and being gentle and loving to myself with slow progress was tough.

But any progress is progress so I did my best to stay positive.

I also had to tell myself it was ok to take 17 weeks instead of 12 to finish. 

Getting the work done right and mastering a move was more important than speed.

I have come on leaps and bounds physically. My core is stronger, I can do more workouts confidently and safely. 

I feel more stable doing everyday tasks, my breathing is more specific to help support my core, and my posture is loads better. 

I feel more intentional with my movements in workouts and in daily life.

Thank you MUTU! 

Emotionally, I’m just so dang proud of myself. And that’s hard for me to say.

Regaining my confidence through postnatal fitness is something I hoped for but didn’t truly expect. 

My hubs noticed, as have friends and family.

A message to my pre-MUTU self… 

Stop procrastinating and thinking you’ll find an “easier/faster way to fix it”. Like…wearing a binder isn’t going to put your muscles back together. 


If you are thinking about joining the MUTU System community you will be so happy you did. 

The program helps you every step of the way and explains WHY things will help.

 It was educational and so helpful for me as a visual learner to be able to follow the workouts in real-time.

I feel like I’m showing my daughter that living a healthy lifestyle (workouts and food choices) is the way to go. 

I want her to have healthy food choices and being active as part of her daily life forever.

 I’m setting a good example and I am so pleased MUTU helped me find that.

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