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Introducing MUTU Mama Connect

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Having the right support can be the difference between giving up and admitting defeat or feeling strong and empowered enough to keep pushing on. When you embark on a body healing journey after having babies, support is one of THE most important factors in success and overall wellbeing.

Our support group has always been a fundamental and vital element of the MUTU Mama experience… but we wanted to make it even better. So we have made a new community just for you, with all the benefits but less of the distractions, privacy and user issues that we know concern you.

Welcome to MUTU Mama Connect. An online support group made especially and only for the eyes of MUTU Mamas, built as a result of feedback straight from the people that matter the most. You.

The team at MUTU Towers have been coding, designing, building, creating and testing for months, and the result is a bespoke area of our membership site designed solely with a MUTU Mama’s experience in mind.

MUTU Mama Connect is our awesome, new private community forum. It’s where you can ask questions and share photos in the safety of the mutumamas.com domain. You’ll be able to find support when you need it the most and help others who need a little boost too.

Oh and of course, it’s free to all MUTU Mamas, past and present. Here’s just some of the features you can expect once you visit the site…

There’s no requesting to join. No pending group requests and waiting to get in. Once you’ve purchased the program your access to the group will be immediate, just like your access to the digital program. Connect is located conveniently within the MUTU Mamas membership site, so there’s no need to log in and out of two different platforms anymore. It’s all in one place.

You won’t get lost in the noise when you first join the group. We have a special ‘Say Hello’ category designed specifically with newbie MUTU Mamas in mind. Just create a post and mark the category as ‘Say Hello’ and our existing mamas will know to welcome you with open arms and a big warm virtual hug.

If you have a specific question you can now use tags so that your post is easily found by others wanting to talk about the same topic.

Assign your post to a category. Assigning a category to your post means it won’t get nudged to the bottom of the feed quickly like we’ve previously found. If you want to post a progress shot then you can assign it to the ‘Before and After’ category and it’ll be grouped with all other similar posts and be easily searchable by other mamas.

Our search functionality is out of this world! Seriously though, it’s really awesome. We wanted to make it easier for you to search past posts. Topics you’re keen to learn more about may have already been covered, so we’ve created a function that means you can search by keywords + categories to really fine-tune your search.

Access to MUTU Mama Connect is included with every MUTU System program purchase. It’s an inclusive, safe space where you are guaranteed to feel welcomed and supported.

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