You thought you were busy before kids. Then you became a mom, and motherhood took you to level 500000000000 of busy. 

Somedays I wanna have stern words with pre-kids me. She really didn’t know the meaning of a packed schedule, or appreciate how much spare time she had!

Now you’re fitting in feeds, naps, school runs, soccer practice, work, chores, cooking, cleaning. Do I need to go on? We’ve got a lot on our plates and we continue to spin them like the multi-tasking queens we always have to be.

The first stuff to drop is always our own stuff, right? 

“I’d really like to finish that book I started in 2009”. Forget about it! 

“I’d love to start exercising again and do my postnatal exercise workout”. Nuh-uh, you got stuff to do, lady!

The thing is, motherhood throws a lot of curveballs our way, but there are ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule. With just a few minor tweaks and some habit changes, you’ll be prioritizing you and your postpartum recovery.

Our top 5 ways to exercise with a busy schedule

Your health trumps tidying and cleaning!

Your health is way more important than that pile of dishes on the kitchen worktop. Try fitting in your exercises when you’d normally do chores. Once you get into a routine, it’ll be easier to keep it up.

Make a workout buddy out of your kid!

Instead of seeing your kids as little beings that stop you from working out, involve them in your workouts. MUTU System is perfect for all the family and can be a fun bonding time. Tiny baby? Incorporate tummy time and MUTU time.

Get off Instagram

Try taking a week off social media and see how much time you get back. It’s amazing how long we spend aimlessly scrolling when minutes are so precious in our lives. MUTU core workouts start from just 12 minutes a day. Cut the ‘Gram and you’ll be amazed at how easily find those 12 minutes.

Change Habits

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier to get up move your body. Workout from home and cut travel time to the gym. Find a quiet spot in the office during a break to squeeze in some core work. Cut down on TV time to work on ‘Project You’, instead. Smaller changes will make a big difference.

Get regimented

I’ve found that actually scheduling my day and including MUTU workouts at set times has meant it’s non-negotiable. I make the most of every opportunity. Nap-time, instead of having a much-needed sit-down, I do 12 minutes of MUTU Core, and then once that’s done, I sit down with a hot drink. When I pick my kids up from school, I do my MUTU walk by parking a little further away and walking the rest. I get to bed earlier and get up earlier, sometimes really early but it means I get half an hour of ‘me-time’ before the kids start needing me. 

BONUS TIP! Print out the MUTU ‘Cheat Sheet’ to speed up workouts

You do quick at-a-glance exercises throughout the day when you get a spare few minutes. Just print off our easy to use cheat sheet and grab time when you can.

If you are looking to start a postpartum fitness plan but don’t know where to begin, follow these simple steps and enroll in the MUTU System program. It’s designed specifically for moms and motherhood. No matter if you’ve got a tiny newborn or you’re a mom of teens, MUTU will work with your schedule. 

All the workouts require minimal or no kit and can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Workouts start from 12 minutes a day and are totally geared towards helping you get your workout done, quickly and effectively. 

Sign up to the MUTU System today. The fitness program that’s the perfect fit for your schedule.