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MUTU System articles on Diastasis Recti

MUTU Mama Results

MUTU Mama Results As a MUTU mama, you may have seen or taken part in our survey at the end of last year. We value your opinion, in fact, the comments, feedback and results [...]

Fit for Royalty – A Royal MUTU Mama

Fit for Royalty - A Royal MUTU Mama Last week I got a message ‘OMG!! MUTU System name checked by Kate Middleton!! Huge congratulations!’. My heart skipped a beat, I clicked and skim-read… blah blah, [...]

How does a mom of 12 recover postpartum?

Ever wondered how a mom of 12 (yes, TWELVE! Awesome, right!?) heals a diastasis recti and recovers after bringing so many gorgeous humans into the world, all while juggling the crazy day to day mission [...]

Lydia’s MUTU System Story

We love it when you share your post-baby body healing stories with us and we’re so delighted to share this latest one from mum of two, Lydia. Lydia is mama to her 3 year old [...]

There’s Never TMI When Dishing on Postpartum Health…

We have a habit (especially us Brits) of censoring everything we say for fear of grossing others out. From an early age, names of body parts are replaced with alternative ‘polite-society-friendly’ words. We just don’t [...]