Losing your pregnancy weight can be hard when you simply can’t find time to exercise, so really effective postnatal exercise needs to be very efficient. It needs to give the biggest results in the shortest amount of time!

Trips to the gym involving travel, bag packing and an hour’s ‘same old routine’ workout simply don’t happen for most of us, and so exercise doesn’t happen… again. Us mums have many excuses not to exercise…’No time’ being the most well-used of all!

This is why the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (basically a fast paced, circuit type workout) make so much sense for moms wanting to lose pregnancy weight (after initial recovery and core restoration of course!). Just done my MUTU Intensive workout for the morning – (12 minutes) some ball shenanigans and a yoga sequence to finish. Total: 19 minutes and I have worked up a sweat, made every muscle in my body work and wound down with stretching! If you’re still jogging steadily or slogging away on boring cardio and resistance machines at the gym for 30 mins and upwards… its time to switch up!

Please remember that you should not do high impact exercise for at least 20 weeks after having a baby… the MUTU System online training programme progresses you safely step by step, so you can start it immediately after having a baby or many months or even years later! This is a specialist programme designed for mums at ALL stages of motherhood, so just follow the instructions as to where to start!

For a taster of a short sharp MUTU workout that will get you sweating, tone and shape your body… all in less than 20 minutes, check out this free MUTU workout video … and stop wasting your time at the gym :)