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MUTU led the pelvic floor challenge to raise awareness and start conversations. Incontinence and postnatal body issues are major health concerns for women, costing millions of dollars every year. They harm women’s dignity, have a huge impact on mental health, and ruin lives for years. Issues such as incontinence, diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), or pelvic organ prolapse, are rarely discussed openly. The stigma attached, means that 75% of women with incontinence suffer in silence.

Those that do seek help take on average 6.5 years to do so. This seriously impacts mental health, doubling the risk of postnatal depression.

Sufferers experience humiliation, fear, and anxiety over becoming incontinent in public and distress at others finding out. It can also cause loss of sleep and sexual dysfunction. However, many women aren’t aware that this misery is avoidable.

Through a recent study, we proved that these conditions can be improved by women in their own homes, without expensive medical intervention.

Incontinence and the Pelvic Floor Challenge

Designed to combat this and raise awareness of the issue of bladder weakness we launched the Pelvic Floor Challenge. It encourages women to open up discussions about postnatal body issues, and put 12 minutes aside each day to start to heal their pelvic floor with MUTU System.

Wendy Powell, CEO and founder of MUTU System, comments:

“For many women, this situation is entirely preventable. Women are suffering from postnatal issues such as incontinence, diastasis recti, or pelvic organ prolapse. With the right information and exercises, most can be treated by themselves at home and even have their condition reversed. We hope that the Pelvic Floor Challenge will help show women what is possible and encourage them to talk about the issue.”

MUTU System survey results

Our recent study of 906 women with varying postnatal body issues, has clearly demonstrated that these problems can be improved.

Our survey was conducted with women who had completed at least 6 weeks of our 12 week program.

After using MUTU System 97% of women who couldn’t successfully locate or engage their pelvic floor muscles before, were able to after using MUTU System.

92 % of women reported an improvement in bladder symptoms including urinary leakage.

88 % of women reported an improvement in symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse.

94 % of women reported an improvement in signs and symptoms of diastasis recti, separation of the stomach muscles.

89 % of women experienced an improvement in sexual symptoms; pain/discomfort during/after intercourse.

94 % of women felt an improvement in how they able felt about their body and what it is able to do.

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Medical experts on the pelvic floor challenge campaign

Dr Anita Kulkarni a surgeon who specialises in women’s abdominal and postpartum plastic surgery:

“I see moms in my practice all the time. I always recommend that they start with non-surgical treatment before considering surgery. MUTU System is my go-to recommendation.”

Camilla Lawrence, Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Six Physio in London:

“Women’s Health Physiotherapists routinely assess and treat pelvic floor dysfunction. But there are few really good and safe training systems out there that not only help these issues long-term. MUTU covers nutrition, posture retraining, general strength and fitness work too. It really is a complete holistic package. My patients frequently go on to use it after they have finished treatment with me. They love how it takes them to the next level. It is completely possible to do – even with a baby (or 4!) at home and minimal time on their hands. I can’t recommend it more.”

Wendy Powell MUTU CEO
Wendy Powell, MUTU Founder

“The emotional impact of incontinence is huge. It is unacceptable that women believe they have to live with such distressing symptoms. Every woman deserves the dignity of a body that works and makes her feel good. Our research has shown that real change can be brought about with the right approach. Without the need for expensive, and even potentially dangerous, medical interventions. Women can heal their bodies instead of using sanitary products which simply mask the symptoms, and resigning themselves to years of misery. ”

*906  women who use the MUTU System programme completed a surveymonkey survey during October 2018.

  • Calculation based on average use of 3 pads per day at 50 pence each.

Featured in

On Thursday 24th January 2020 Wendy Powell, CEO and Founder of MUTU System, appeared on the BBC Radio talking about our #PelvicFloorChallenge

Wendy Powell
Wendy Powell
Wendy Powell, Dip PT is Founder and CEO of MUTU System. Wendy is a highly certified postpartum specialist and master trainer, as well as a speaker, Femtech entrepreneur and mentor.

Table of Contents

Life-Changing Results for Moms

  • Approved as safe and effective in Clinical trials
  • Evidence based solution for fat loss, diastasis recti and pelvic floor
  • Stream Pre and Postpartum workouts on-demand from any device
  • Inclusive, expert-led support community
  • Track your step by step progress in the MUTU Hub

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